Setting a goal and achieving it

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Zonnenberg Consultancy B.V. consists out of the following divisions : 

Brisk Strategy for your Enterprise Risk Management

Dr Turnaround for your Turnaround Management

Financables for your Corporate Finance loans

Sir Cyber for your Cybersecurity

The Negotiator for your Negotiation processes


We strive for simplicity, even if it's a complex situation.

As efficiently as possible helping companies and organizations forward. 

You can also contact us for fulfilling board positions.

Zonnenberg Consultancy B.V. bestaat uit de volgende divisies: 0

Brisk Strategy voor uw ondernemingsrisicomanagement

Dr Turnaround voor uw turnaround management

Financables voor uw bedrijfsfinancieringen

Sir Cyber voor uw cybersecurity

The Negotiator voor uw onderhandelingstrajecten


We streven naar eenvoud, ook al is het een complexe situatie.

Zo efficiënt mogelijk bedrijven en organisaties verder helpen. 

Ook voor het vervullen van bestuursfuncties kunt u bij ons terecht. 

Getting the best deals on your corporate finance loan, getting a mortgage on your commercial property, Financables helps you achieving your business goals.

Brisk Strategy is all about Risk Management for organisations and companies. Creating value and opportunities., avoiding losses and gaining profits in a smart way.

Negotioations is our passion. Getting the best deals, by creating a win-win situation for our clients, not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

Turnaround Management in it's core. Dr Turnaround is all about creating the best possible future for your company and the people it effects.

Brisk Strategy

Dr Turnaround


The Negotiator

Sir Cyber



Zonnenberg Consultancy B.V. - T. +31 (0)88 780 7878 - E. info@zonnenbergconsultancy.com - KvK Eindhoven 34298408


Zonnenberg Consultancy is part of Enterprise Center   

Cybersecurity = Sir Cyber

Guides companies and 

organisations when they are hacked, and protect companies and organisations against hacks.